My Learning Object

WORDLE meets Language & Social Studies!

Reflection on Learning Object

Curriculum Links - Grade 5
Social Studies - identify current and historical political figures and their significance (e.g., provincial/ 
territorial, municipal, and federal leaders; 
members of provincial legislatures and the 
federal Parliament; members of municipal 

The Wordle that I created was based on Jack Layton's final speech to Canadians.  I took part of his speech and put it into a Wordle to highlight the main words and ideas that were he was trying to say to Canadians.  I found his final speech to be incredibly moving and powerful and I loved that the words that were large on the Wordle were so strong and representative of Jack Layton.  I feel that this is a great way to take a large text and make it easier for students to pull the main ideas and thoughts while incorporating technology!  

Through creating this Wordle I have learned that a technology tool, such as Wordle, can be integrated into many different subjects and can take a complex, but powerful, speech and make it student friendly.  I could imagine using this in many different subject areas such as math, language, science, social studies, French and more!  This would be an amazing way to do word wall words, spelling words, speeches, math concepts, food groups....the list is endless!

                               Another great tool that technology has brought to 
                                      my life and I cannot wait to use it more :)