My eBook

Reflection on E-Book
(yes an ONLINE book)

The E-book that I created was on my Cohort’s famous frog!  I had originally made this story into a real book for students in a PLC class but have now made a book that can reach millions of children – too cool!  I had used Slide Rocket before but was not totally comfortable with the website so I thought I would try it out again!  I have become quite familiar with the tool and feel that it is just like another form of Power Point but different. 

What I learned is that such a basic writing assignment, creating a book, can integrate many different aspects of the curriculum and can help students become tech savvy!  Through this I have learned how to use an online tool, integrate pictures, animations, and text – A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I could see myself using this in any classroom for any assignment!  I believe that learners, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, can make E-Books and learn from them.  This is a great way to integrate collaboration into the classroom and allow personal choice and freedom.  Students could make books on so many different topics – language, social studies, science, French, math, health...and SO much more!  The types of books could range from an “All About Me” book to a book on the war of 1812 – the ideas and uses are endless.  Although I would never have thought that online books could be so simple and effective and moving forward I plan to not online write my own books but have my students write them too!