Wednesday, 29 February 2012

OCT Blog

I have just finished an article in the OCT Professional Speaking magazine entitled "Using Social Media in the Classroom" and have lots to say!  I often find that many teachers shy away from using social media in the classroom because of the fear that something could go wrong, the material could end up in the wrong hands, copyright problems, and SOOOO much more.  I understand these fears as I had them only a few months again but not moving forward I believe that I am better prepared to handle the challenges of social media and teach my students to be critical digital learners.  I think that if I do not allow my students to explore with social media then I am holding back their education and chance to learn and explore with learners around the world.  I believe that so much more learning can happen beyond the four walls in my classroom and although I would like to think I "know" everything...I don't and in no way want my students to think that either...there is a whole world out there for my students to learn from and with and I cannot wait for them to explore! :) 

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