Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Technology Showcase @ Brock

Teaching and Technology @ Brock!

On Friday, January 27 I attended the Brock Teaching and Technology Showcase at the Brock Hamilton Campus!  It was an amazing day as it brought together teacher candidates, teachers, administrators, and the educational community at large.  There were several options as to the sessions we could attend and I decided on: Play happens: Learning Happens: Using technology to capture learning in the early years classrooms, iPads in the elementary classroom, and assistive technologies.  All of the sessions I attended were amazing and very informative.  As a future teacher I cannot imagine a classroom without technology - even if it is a camera or a classroom computer, technology should be a part of our everyday lessons. Technology is at the heart of learning and is the future for our students - teachers are responsible to teach students to be digital learners.  

My Story - As a digital learner and future digital teacher it is embarrassing to say that only two years ago in my 3rd year class I was "afraid" to make a PowerPoint presentation in fear that technology would not work and I would be unable to cope with it....and now I am on Twitter, I blog, I participate in online PLN's, and so much more!  I feel that I have come so far but still have so much more to learn.  I have learned to embrace technology and just go with it - although the unknown is scary, it is worth it in the end!  In my last teaching placement I used a Smart Board everyday to facilitate my lessons and engage my learners.  What I learned the most during that placement is that the students often know more than me and are always interested in helping me out and showing me new things - students are amazing!  My days of being fearful of technology are long gone...and I am now moving into a new place where I embrace technology and welcome it into my classroom!
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Check out the Brock Showcase!

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