Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Classroom Blog Reflection

My Blog Reflection!

As a part of my introduction to technology course at Brock University I was required to complete a "classroom blog".  I was to act as a teacher and post different links for my students and information for parents.  In my last block placement my teacher did have a blog and I made sure to utilize it as students and parents used it as a communication tool and resource!  I saw first hand how amazing a blog can be and how it can take the learning in the classroom to new levels because students take what they have learned in class and link it to the outside world - the learning never ends!

I found the process of creating the blog to be really fun and a great learning opportunity!  This experience forced me to critically reflect on what I was posting on my blog and how to present my information.  As a result of creating this blog I have gained a new appreciation for online learning and the amazing tools that are out there!  No longer does homework need to be a paper and pencil task, homework can be fun and engaging activities!

ABSOLUTELY will have a classroom blog when I become a teacher and I will encourage my students to create their own blog - regardless of their age!  As I saw in my last placement, the blog allowed for collaborative learning amongst the students, constant communication between the parents, students, and teacher, and a resource centre for everyone!  The opportunities with a blog are endless and I could not imagine teaching in the 21st century without one!  I can imagine using this blog for many things such as: student feedback on learning, teacher reflections, group work, online assignments, questions and concerns, review sessions...the list is endless! 

I look forward to not only having my own classroom but my own REAL classroom blog!

Miss Clarke aka Jackie :) 

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