Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My TPACK Journey!

Reflection on TPACK

TPACK was a model developed by Koehler and Mishra (2009) which broken down means “Knowledge about Content, Pedagogy and Technology".  Throughout my technology course at Brock University we have been on a TPACK journey and have explored ways in which videos, sound clips, pictures, and various other forms of media/text can be integrated into the classroom.  We have been using a program called SlideRocket to integrate this media/text and it is similar to PowerPoint but allows the user to go one step further and take their creation and post it online and use it as a collaborative learning tool.  I believe the pedagogy behind TPACK and the use of SlideRocket has allowed me to explore my own learning and take my knowledge to a new level.  Collaboration is at the heart of my teaching philosophy and being exposed to the pedagogy of TPACK and use of SlideRocket has allowed me to open my beliefs about technology in the classroom and the use of it with my students.  I believe to be an effective TPACK educator I need to let my students explore such collaborative tools so I can learn with them and value the learning the students can take away from it – at the end of the day it is the students learning that matters the most to me J

Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

In my family we celebrate Christmas in December and it is a wonderful time to be with friends and family! I love to gather around the Christmas tree and share stories with everyone, it always is so fun... but whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other special holiday I hope you are enjoying time with your friends, family, and my favourite, FOOD!

As a future teacher I always want to be inclusive and welcoming to other celebrations regardless of what month they occur in and I plan to make an effort to celebrate along with my students!  I wish that our Ontario curriculum required that each grade level explored more about holidays, celebrations, and traditions - I know that the Grade 2 curriculum does so but I wish each grade level did more learning about others :)  My goal is to take the learning the students have/will do in Grade 2 and take it to the next level!  I love the idea of Multicultural Fairs, as the students at my placement school were involved in it and it was a great success, or having students present their or other culture’s holiday and celebrations to the class!  There are many ways to get creative around the holiday time (regardless of the month or season) and I hope to learn along with my students as we explore celebrations, holidays, and traditions from around the world (or in our own classroom!). 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Welcome To My Blog!  

Welcome students, parents, fellow colleagues, and other bloggers!
Welcome to my blog!   I will be sharing educational information, inspiring quotes and stories, and updates on my teaching and learning adventures!
I look forward to blogging and sharing my passion for teaching and learning!
Jackie Clarke